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LobbyBoard is the new solution for building entrances, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, convention and entertainment venues, and any business that needs to welcome its guests with a dynamic and interesting screen full of real-time information.

LobbyBoard is a combination of LCD screen and software and other components to run the complete system.

LobbyBoard How does it work? Can I find out more?

Where can I use LobbyBoard?

Hotels Communicate real-time information to your guests, such as community news, local attractions, weather and your own promotional material
Business Entrance Help people find the way to where they are going quickly and efficiently using dynamic signage
Building Directory Assist visitors and guests navigate the property, using directory assistance
Virtual Concierge Enhance your currrent guest services with digital signs
Wayfinding Direct visitors and guests to the correct area, with no fuss - can also link with RFID on check in passes. Check the new hardware range >>here
LobbyBoard Features
Using LobbyBoard you can prepare content, images, movies, text and other information and include within your screen, schedule and watch guests enjoy the information.Scheduling is a breeze, much like Outlook. See our services

What is standard? See the standard software details here

Can I see the software? Yes, we can arrange a live demo here

LobbyBoard Software

RSS Feed Include News from RSS Feeds, or other RSS info
Date & Time Local or International dates or times. Great for Sydney, NY, London on screen. Even Microsoft Calendar public folders can be included
Image files Include JPEG, PNG Files
Database Linking and showing data from almost any internal SQL or XLS file is easy
Video files Show files such as .mov or mpeg4 files

LobbyBoard uses dynamic fun software to create your layouts. There is almost no limit to what you can create, images, text, scrolling text, RSS feeds, weather and icons. Using Wayfinding module you can create building layouts and direct people to the correct floor dynamically. Even touch screens can be used and guests can navigate to the area of their concern.

The best way to make an entrance to your business is with LobbyBoard. How does it work? With lobbyBoard you have the one fixed price for the hardware software and setup, we even provide some standard template designs to begin with. We can even provide graphic service if required services




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